Secondary Learning Style Analysis

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From taking the quizzes, I discovered that my primary learning style is visual, and my secondary learning style is auditory. I wasn’t surprised that my primary learning style is visual because I already knew that about myself before I took the learning style quiz. I’ve always been someone that needs to have visuals in order to learn. I’m not saying that I can’t learn without visuals, but I feel that I have to work extra hard without them.

When discussing the topic of aural learners, our book states that, “They clarify their thinking by making the words come out of their mouths.” (Beebe, Mottet, & Roach, 2013, p. 41) This characteristic doesn’t sound like my personality at all, which is why I was surprised to see that my secondary learning style was auditory. I usually like to keep to myself, especially when it comes to learning, whether it be at work or at school. I don’t consider myself an aural learner.
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41) I see this characteristic a lot in myself, and unfortunately it has affected me negatively, especially when it comes to school. I find it hard when I have a professor who doesn’t have power points to accompany their lectures. I easily get distracted and I miss out on important note taking.

My learning style impacts my approach to teaching and training in a positive way because as a visual learner, I would provide my trainees with power point presentations, handouts, and maybe even videos. I believe that visuals make training more interesting and that helps the trainees to become more interested in what is being taught to
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