Secondary Religious Literacy Assessment : Disciples, Martyrs And Witnesses

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Secondary Religious Literacy Assessment:
Disciples, Martyrs and Witnesses to the Faith
Part B

St Paul 's Journal Entries
Explanatory Notes

What is the message of your work?
The message of my work is to try and highlight the importance of showing how a person’s faith can have a positive and life-changing impact on their lives. I have done this by looking into the lives of two early Christian missionaries and portray how they would 've felt about their journeys, who they met and what they were teaching others. In doing so, I try to portray, to the best of my ability and knowledge, the apostle 's thoughts and just how strong their conviction and faith in God was.

Use at least TWO biblical quotes that describe your work. You must write
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Define mission.
Mission was very important in the development of the early church. The goal during this time was to spread the Christian Faith and to help those in need, just as Jesus did. The people that undertook this mission were sent out by inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Jesus and God.

What is the mission of the early church and what was it like to be a missionary in early Christian times?
The mission of the early church included a number of things. Some of these were to communicate and spread the news that Jesus was the Messiah and the son of God, to propose a new way of life to those who believe in God and to inspire more people to become a part of the Christian community. To be a missionary in early Christian times was a very dangerous and risky thing to do. Before Constantine ordered the Edict of Milan in 313 AD, Christians were persecuted for their beliefs. So to go out and openly preach their faith and even try and turn people away from the worship of their original gods was something that could ultimately end up with you being executed - which is something many early missionaries were (martyred). However, many faithful servants of Jesus (such as the apostles) did it anyway, because they believed that spreading the Word of God was more important than anything else.

Use scriptural quotes to show how the church grew because of significant individuals.
"And with great power the apostles were giving testimony to the
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