Secondhand Smoke Kills : Should Smoking Be Banned?

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Secondhand smoke kills: Should smoking be banned in public? Cigarettes have caused harm to society and the economy for the past twenty years. They’re not causing a harm to just the people who proceed to use them, but to those who are around it as well. Cigarettes have copious effects on active smokers, and even have tremendous long-term effects on nonsmokers. The entryway that causes effects for active smokers is called ‘mainstream smoke’ and what causes effects for nonsmokers is called ‘secondhand smoke’. Second hand smoke is just as harmful as smoking and leads to a higher prevalence of cancer and heart disease, causing it to be very dangerous for anybody around a smoker. Second hand smoke, or better known as SHS, is the hazardous waste of tobacco combustion released from the end of a burning or lit: pipe, cigar, cigarette, or even the exhaled smoke from smokers. Over the past twenty years, medical biology and technology has proven that nonsmokers have or will suffer many of the diseases of actually smoking when they inhale SHS. Smokers believe that they may smoke anywhere and everywhere because it is ‘only affecting them.’ They don’t realize that when they smoke or blow it back in someone’s face, it is hurting the people around them ten times as more as themselves. Nobody perceives that smoking, in fact, DOES kill. They don’t know it, but the nonsmokers are inhaling the chemicals and slowly killing themselves-without their consent. 50% of people have no clue of what and

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