Seconds From Disaster ( Piper Alpha )

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Seconds from Disaster (Piper Alpha) is a documentary that shows the fire tragedy that happen on the Piper Alpha oil mining company. The film was documented by National Geographic channel to explain with details the cause and impact of the explosion that occurred in the North Sea. In Wednesday 6 July 1988, an accident happened on the Piper Alpha Company. A great disaster killed 167 people and damaged much property in one hour and thirty minutes. The fire released lethal fumes that stunned and killed numerous workers. Workers jumped more than 90 feet into the sea to escape the blazes and gases regardless the fatal dangers of jumping. Others slid down pipes and landed where burning oil was floating on the sea. Boats and helicopters rescued…show more content…
The helicopter operations were not possible due to the large amount of smoke and heat covering the area. The accident could be prevented if the management had ensured proper and timely communication between the employees of the company. The daytime employees could have informed the night workers of the pipe that was temporarily sealed, and the machine under repair. In addition, the operator was not considering the alarm warnings seriously. The incident could be prevented if he had taken the initiative to identify the problem with the first alarm warning. The incident has many lessons for future risk management and industrial cautiousness. These lessons should lead to a proper assessment of the dangers involved before accident happens and should identify a variety of organizational risk management methods. It is exhibited that the accident was because of some failures. The accident cannot be attributed to an act of God or a natural cause because it was self-inflicted. The occurrence of the final event was not controllable it resulted from management errors. For example, the critical pump had been switched off for repair and the night crew were not informed about it. The cause of the problem was failure permission to working system that did not confirm proper communication. If the management had ensured communication between daytime workers and the night
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