Secrecy, Good, Bad, Or Both?

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Secrecy. Good, Bad, or Both? Is the Intelligence Community making us safer? Yes, they are. They make mistakes but these mistakes can not so easily be forgotten. The case of the FBI, CIA, and NSA and 9/11 overwhelming proves that secrecy prevented the U.S. from being able to protect itself. Secrecy must be balanced and knowing this can help us make changes. Are intelligence agencies making us safer and more secure by hiding things, covering up details, and becoming more and more secretive? I would say we still have a long way to go before we can say that we are safe. Secrecy isn’t making us safer, and the freedoms that are trampled on by the Intelligence Community isn’t my definition of safety. And that is the point. There are many differing opinions about what safety is. Some would say secrecy is safety. But I say secrecy is making us less safe. There are some things the masses have the right to know. I can not condemn people for not wanting to know, but I do not want to be kept in the dark. The more comfortable the Intelligence Community becomes with secrecy the more it will happen and the more difficult it will be for us. The government can use secrecy and sometimes be using it for our sake. But when it becomes excessive, that is what needs to be addressed. How much information is enough and who can decide that? Only reformation in what is secret and what isn’t can fix this problem. When the government lies and bends the truth, Americans are unable to put their support…

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