Secret Garden Short Story

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Secret Garden essay short sequel, by Bailey Keene
Master Colin sat on a grassy spot on the lawn with Mr. Craven and asked the cook for some food to have a picnic. After the cook gave Master Colin his food he was ordered to leave so Master Colin and Mr. Craven could be alone. Master Colin spoke to Mr. Craven about magic and how it is in the garden making things grow, and how it is inside everyone making them healthy and strong. He talked about Mary and Dickson and all his creatures he also talked about how they all helped to make the garden look pleasurable. He also stated how he wants to make great scientific discoveries when he grows up.
When they were finished talking and they went inside, the servants were pretending that nothing as queer as an ailing unsound and ignorant boy has become a friendly and healthy boy who can walk and run. Then Master Colin walked up to Mrs. Medlock and informed her “We will not be needing Dr. Craven anymore so you can dismiss him from coming”
“Yes sir” Mrs. Medlock replied. “Father” Said Colin “do you want to go meet Ben Weatherstaff Mary and Dickson and all of Dickson’s creatures?”. This stunned Mr. Craven because he had never thought of Master Colin calling him father before but he replied “yes, I would very much enjoy that”. Then Master Colin turned towards Mrs. Medlock, and Mrs. Medlock said “I know, no one will bother you while you are in the garden”. So with that they left to go see Mary Dickson and Ben in the Garden. After they
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