Secret Identity Analysis

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Secret Identity

In the documentary film, “Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives,” directed by Louise Lockwood. A child living under the same roof as his father, but not acknowledging who his father really is, not until the death of his father. Mark Everett being the son and a songwriter and singer for “The Eels,” goes to discover that his dad, Hugh Everett, who might be one of the many greatest physicist to ever live. Hugh focused on parallel universes, A parallel universe, is a theory of a self-contained separate reality co-existing with one's own. Hugh seemed to have a life, that consisted with secrets that eventually got uncovered. Imagine a childhood where the father: who paid for toys, put food on the table, sat at dinner with
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Hugh’s work is now with Mark and can be uncovered at anytime, it almost makes you think; I wonder if Hugh wanted Mark to discover them or maybe he just died too fast to hide them. No one will ever know as Hugh didn’t say a word. Although Mark didn’t have a close relationship with his father, for the lack of communication, Mark mentions in his songs that he forgives his father and that he has found a new respect for him, as before where he didn’t have any respect for his father. Mark mentions that he can see his father in himself every day and that it frightens him, as he sworn to never become his father. But as time has gone by, he gives his father some respect, now that he sees what he was going through. Holding in secrets does no good, Mark was raised not knowing who his father was; even though they would see each other every day. Not until Hugh who died at a young age, Mark had to finally find the truth behind his father and only then could he understand. It wasn’t only the Everett family who didn’t know the truth about Hugh but I would even add the world. You could mention Einstein and everybody could characterize him but you bring up Hugh Everett and it doesn’t ring a bell to most. I would think it's because of him not speaking up, or like I mentioned before maybe the world wasn’t ready for his theory yet. This just comes to show that it wasn’t only his family that Hugh kept secrets
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