Secret Life Of Bees Movie And Book Comparison Essay

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The Secret Life of Bees is the name of an inspiring book about a young girl, Lily, who is growing up in the time of the civil rights act. After finishing the book we watched the movie. As always, there were key differences. The movie was, however, faithful to the book. Never did those differences in the movie overwrite the main morals and ideas behind the book. In the movie, several things happened sooner, later, or with less emphasis than in the book. Some things are left out altogether, while others are added for extra detail.

When the movie begins, it is from Lily’s perspective, and shows how she accidentally kills her mother. Starting at this point in the story, rather than providing the slightly boring backstory lik6e the book does immediately kickstarts the movie at a fast pace. Unfortunately, it also takes
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A movie doesn’t have that option. When you watch a movie, you usually take it in in one sitting. This makes the option to soak all the nuances up exceptionally hard. Therefore, the movie script writers have to condense all the information contained in a 200-300 page book into a short, 1 ½ hour movie. This leads to shortening of scenes, taking out as many incidental details that are not central to the main plot as possible. Overall, a book and a movie are never going to be exactly like each other, but this movie was very well made and was remarkably similar. The main ideas and storyline were kept intact. The evidence of the terrible treatment of African-Americans, and Lily’s quest for a mother and forgiveness and solace were there, as well as the most important events such as May’s suicide and Lily seeing the honey jars at Frogmore’s. Ultimately, the movie and book genres of The Secret Life of Bees were well written and similar in many ways. I would definitely recommend them, but I prefer the book as a beautifully written
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