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Executive Summary This report is done under the subject of HBM222 Marketing Planning, a report on marketing plan for Secret recipe. Marketing plan included information and background about Secret recipe, the process of strategy marketing, consisted of a target markets and a marketing mix. It’s also included time-related details such as expected costs and revenues for the strategy. . In this report, there were 6 main sections or parts. The first part was introduction and situation analysis, provided some background about Secret recipe and contained an appropriate analysis of Secret Recipe including the SWOT analysis, macro environment analysis, and industry environment, critical success factors (CSF) and so on. The second part was…show more content…
In this report, we analyze Secret Recipe current business situation to determine its strengths and weaknesses. Future business strategies are then developed to maintain Secret Recipe’s position in the food and beverage industry. Secret Recipe needs to maintain its current good performance which has been achieved from its famous cakes and fusion food. Good quality and product distinction are always the two main criteria for it to achieve its business success. Other product categories such as beverages must have these criteria so that all products of Secret Recipe can penetrate into consumers’ taste and preferences. Certainly, a good and healthy budget is necessary for Secret Recipe to continue on its road to another business

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