Secret Weapons Of World War Two

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Secret Weapons of World War Two

In a war of mass destruction and huge weaponry, development of the next big offensive device was on the minds of all the leaders involved. Many of these weapons were designed in secret laboratories under the top scientists and physicists in the world. High emphasis and funding put into these designs, the developments flourished. Some of these weapons were unbelievable successes, making their way to the battlefield meeting all the expectations set by their imaginative creators. Others, however, did not make it any further than the testing unit. Numerous previously unheard of ideas were presented, several being far ahead of their time. This was cause for some of the weapons failures. Although, these were launching pads for some modern day devices, where the technology is advanced enough to put the thoughts into metal and movement. In the demand for high potential weaponry that existed during World War Two, every capable nation put their best people and resources into development, and the results were an outburst of a wide variety of innovative weapons. Beginning on the Allied side, Great Britain had an array of weapons in development during the war, one of these being The Great Panjandrum. The design was proposed by a Group Captain, Finch-Noyles in Admiralty 's Directorate of Miscellaneous Weapons Development. It was an enormous drum-like structure on two steel wheels ten feet in diameter. Containing explosives within the drum, it was…

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