Secretary Of Education Report Charts The Future Of United States Higher Education

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Secretary of Education Recommendation Paper DaWayne D. Nettles Columbia College 2015 The Secretary of Education report charts the future of United States higher education and outlines various recommendations to improve it. As higher education evolves in unexpected ways, this new landscape demands innovation and flexibility from the institutions that serve the nation’s learners. The recommendations mentioned include assess, cost and affordability, financial aid, learning, transparency and accountability, and finally innovation. One of the most significant recommendations that needs to definitely be address is the issue of cost and affordability of higher education. The way higher education is being financed is becoming increasingly dysfunctional. State appropriations are declining; educational cost is rising; and cost per student is increasing faster than inflation or family income. Affordability is directly affected by a financing system that provides limited incentives for colleges and universities to take aggressive steps to improve institutional efficiency and productivity. Public worry about increasing expenses might eventually add to the disintegration of open trust in higher education. Only through reform can confidence in higher education in America be renewed. The Secretary of Education’s report states that America must ensure that our citizens have access to high quality and affordable educational, learning, and training opportunities throughout

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