Secretary Of Energy And National Security Related Missions

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Secretary of Energy The Department of Energy is an agency that is a cabinet level. The agency has energy and national security related missions which are very important. Since the World War two and the Manhattan Project Department of Energy is in the system. It was a secret operation that launched effort to improve and store nuclear weapons (allgov, n.d). During the Second World War, after the bombing of Pearl Harbour in 1942 Roosevelt approves to produce atomic bomb. President Carter establishes the Department of Energy in 1977(energy, n.d). The Department of Energy originates from the executive branch (archives, n.d). They continue to their strategies, extending from nuclear power to alternative energy and fossil fuels. Currently under…show more content…
The connection between energy and climate is known, however he states that the main goal is to succeeding of driving energy investment in a way that advanced our climate objective. Also he mentions the importance of Asia to this. It is important that countries can see that they can make investments in different alternative customs of power, which are going to be cost-competitive for their economies. Asia is important for this because if they cannot find cost-effective alternatives to coal, the climate problem will not be fixed. However, it can be fixed but this is an important aspect that needs urgency. These explanations came after John Kerry Secretary of State went to China in order to sign eight climate change contract. This agreement will require the reductions of greenhouse gasses and power plants in chine to capture carbon. The U.S.-China partnership is pushing climate change mitigation will be key for the Obama administration heading into the 2015 Paris talks on climate. It is time for the US to prove its real intention which is fighting against terrorism. However, we cannot bomb or attack the supporters of the ISIS in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia and Iraq are the countries that we buy our oils. (globalpost, 2010) We cannot risk the explosion of oil reserves. If we cannot buy our oils from Middle East, we have to increase the prices, which will result in opposition from the society and decrease the Presidents
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