Secrets of Body Language

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SECRETS OF BODY LANGUAGE It is through communication that one exchanges information, expresses ideas, thoughts and feelings. Communication is the basis to establish relationships, and how one communicates determines how effective the message will be according to the speakers' intention. In fact, verbal communication only counts 7% of the communication process, meaning body language plays an extremely important role when it comes to communication. Politicians and celebrities are more and more using body language to achieve their goals (persuade masses, establish power, advance careers), and its fascinating to analyzes how their pitch, gestures, actions, facial and micro expressions make them seem to be speaking from the…show more content…
She behaves like a little girl, walking with her head a little down, and she also makes use of a self comfort gesture, which she never did before in her entire career. She wants to show she was punished and learn her lesson. Even when it comes to a salesman, body language plays an important role. The way you great the costumer, the excitement you show when selling the product, the attention you give to the client, all these things count since people usually buy based on what the feel about the salesperson not the product itself. To conclude, I'd say body language can betray a person. However, if you get to know how to use it on your favor it can be the key to achieve anything you wish to. Also, being able to pick up the right cues can be crucial to understand one's behavior and see the truth sometimes
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