Secrets of Success

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As Richard St. John (2005) points out, the secrets of success are remarkably simple. Common sense and old-fashioned wisdom embedded in concepts such as hard work and perseverance are better than any number of complex motivation seminars or expensive programs of self-improvement. This is as true for organizational culture as it is for individual motivation. An organization does not have to spend a lot of money on branded seminars or motivational speakers to encourage their employees to reach their highest potential. Incorporating the eight concepts outlined by St. John (2005) in his TED address entails implementing simple changes. When these simple issues are incorporated into organizational culture, the results may be dramatic. The first of St. John's eight components of success is passion. To be successful at anything, a person must be passionate. This is also true for organizations. To create a sense of passion in an organization, it is essential to make that passion permeate every personnel member. This means coming up with ways of developing intrinsic motivation among employees. Work with human resources managers to come up with incentive plans that encourage employees to take pride and passion in what they do on a daily basis. The second aspect of success according to St. John (2005) is to be willing to work hard. An organization cannot expect employees to work hard without giving them a reason, which is why passion is tantamount to hard work. When employees are

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