Section 1. 1.Charles Macune-. A)Charles Macune Was A President

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Section 1
1. Charles Macune-
A) Charles Macune was a president in the Southern Farmers’ Alliance in 1880s.
B) Charles Macune is important because he created a subtreasury plan that called on the government to issue loans directly to agrarians. This subtreasury plan was based on a fiat currency system that would set the amount of circulating currency per the needs of the country, rather that relying on the availability of gold or silver.
2. John Rayner-
A) John Rayner was a black politician who organized the black vote behind the People’s Party.
B) John Rayner was important because he trying to attract black voters to the People Party, only having limited success. Most African Americans were unwilling to abandon the Republican party, who
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6. Pat Neff-
A) Pat Neff was a Waco attorney who governed the Lone Star State in the early 1920s.
B) Pat Neff is important because his highly idealistic and moral tone lead him to some achievements during his tenure. He teamed up with the legislature to appropriate state funds for highway construction, allocated funds for water conservation, created Texas Technological College, and the creation of the State Parks System.
7. Works Progress Administration-
A) Works Progress Administration refers to a massive work relief endeavor.
B) Works Progress Administration was important because it gave jobs to over 8 million unemployed Americans, this included more than 600,000 Texans. Examples of the WPA’s work in Texas include the Houston City Hall, Dealey Plaza in Dallas, San Antonio’s Riverwalk, and many others.
8. Civilian Conservation Corps-
A) Civilian Conservation Corps refers to an organization that provided work relief specifically for unemployed youth coming from families receiving FERA aid.
B) Civilian Conservation Corps is important because it conserved the nation’s natural and human resources. After recruitment by the U.S Department of Labor, enrollees worked in rural camps on projects that involved building or maintaining state and national parks and forests.
9. Agricultural Adjustment Administration-
A) Agricultural Adjustment Administration refers an administration that was created to correct the overproduction difficulties and stimulate industrial recovery.

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