Section 2 BSBCUS401B Essay

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SECTION 2: SUPPORT IMPLEMENTATION OF CUSTOMER SERVICE STRATEGIES Activity 4 19/05/2015 04:44PM 1 What level of customer service do you think you should receive from your internal suppliers? Explain why you think this and how high levels of internal customer service will impact on the service provided to external customers. From my internal suppliers I should recieve the same customer service that I should give to customers. I think that it should be like this because they should give me the attention that they want me to give to clients, so that everybody in the company recieves the same good customer service. This would be a direct impact on external customers, because if internal customer service is good also external would be. Trainer…show more content…
How do you think you rate? Explain. I try to give customers the service that I would like to recieve. So I try to be empathetic, to be reliable and honest as well. I think truth is really necessary because customers will believe the company if they recieve reliable service. Trainer Comments 16/06/2015 01:33PM Good 9 Complete the following problem-solving exercise: Jeff works in the IT department of a large financial management organisation. He has no contact at all with external clients. He is a computer whiz with exceptionally good technical knowledge. His communication, interpersonal and service skills are poor, but as long as everyone leaves him alone to do his job he is happy. He considers that his role is simply to ensure that the databases and other technical applications in his section operate efficiently, in spite of the fact that others in the organisation do not know how to use the systems properly. As far as he is concerned, customer service is not his responsibility at all. There are people in the organisation who are employed to provide face-to-face service because they are good at it. a. What is wrong here – with Jeff’s attitude and with the organisational system? b. How is this likely to impact on other employees, on the supplier-customer chain and on the organisation’s outcomes? c. What do you think the root causes might be? d. How can these problems, in

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