Sectional Tension In The Anebellum Period

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1. Do you think the slave economy increased sectional tension in the antebellum period? How so? My thoughts are that the slave economy did create a tension in the antebellum period. This is since in the late 1700s cotton was the main source of gaining currency. According to khan Academy, “ Eli Whitney revolutionized cotton production when he invented the cotton gin...cotton emerged as the South’s major cash crop—a good produced for commercial value instead of for use by the owner. Cotton quickly eclipsed tobacco, rice, and sugar in economic importance” Seeing that the machine was created this gave rise of more people becoming rich and more currency coming into the country. With this being generated and more people are becoming richer, tension towards the slaves starts to occur. Since the demand of the slaves is high, the supply and demand of cotton increases, but there is a peaking point. Khan Academy state's “Distribution of wealth become more and more concentrated at the top; fewer white people owned enslaved laborers in 1860 than in 1840.” Now the ones who are rich and able to produced, are the ones who are able to keep slaves but that was not all. Khan Academy State’s “Since the conditions of slavery—as well as chances of escape—got progressively worse farther south, slaveholders in the Upper South wielded the notion of being ‘sold down the river’ as a threat to keep their slaves in line.” More people were starting to focus on their slaves and were trying to keep their
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