Sector Briefing : Dtl Power Corporation

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Sector Briefing: DTL Power Corporation Brian Cunningham, Lindsay Fronzoli, Eddie Brown, Helen George, Montae Brockett CSEC 670 March, 2016 Introduction Our society today is ever more dependent upon electricity in all aspects of life. Keeping the power infrastructure throughout the United States secure and functioning properly should be considered a high priority for both private sector and government. Lacking properly functioning power caused by an outage has widespread impact not just on common conveniences being unavailable but also on critical areas such as emergency services, transportation, water distribution, communication and food production and storage. Power production can come from multitude of sources with different types of power plant facilities each with some sort of unique need; these sources include coal, natural gas, nuclear, wind, water also known as hydroelectric, solar, geothermal and biomass (U.S. Energy Information Administration). These energy sources are broken down into one of two categories, renewable or nonrenewable. Nonrenewable energy sources are sources, such as fossil fuels like coal, which are extracted from the earth and cannot be replenished quickly. Renewable sources of energy are sources that there is a seemingly endless supply and/ or can easily be replenished, such sources are solar, wind and water to name a few. Commercial electric generation came about in the late 19th century and was

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