Secure Atms by Image Processing

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This paper encloses the information regarding the ‘IMAGE PROCESSING’. And discussed one of the major application of image processing ‘BIOMETRICS’. Biometrics technology allows determination and verification of ones identity through physical characteristics. To put it simply, it turns your body in to your password. We discussed various biometric techniques like finger scan, retina scan, facial scan, hand scan etc. Two algorithms have been proposed by taking biometric techniques to authenticate an ATM account holder , enabling a secure ATM by image processing. Biometrics is now applied in various public and private sectors. No doubt, biometrics is going to be next generation’s powerful security
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Biometrics can be used to prevent unauthorized access to ATM’s, smart cards, desktop PC’s workstations, cellular phones, home security systems, door locks, etc. The advanced Biometrics solution uses a more sophisticated method called “identification”. The design of an advanced solution enables the product to search a very large database and pick the individual from the crowd. Biometric is the most secure and convenient authentication tool. It can’t be borrowed. Stolen, or forgotten, and forging one is practically impossible.

2.1 Classification of biometrics: The two categories of biometric techniques are: The physiological based techniques, which measure the physiological characteristics of a person. These include fingerprint verification, iris analysis, facial analysis, hand geometry-vein patterns, ear recognition, odor detection and DNA pattern analysis. The behavioral based techniques, which measure the behavior of a person. These include hand written signature verification and speech analysis. These techniques involve two major steps. These are the Authentication & the verification. Authentication is a process of one-to one comparison, rather than a mass searching process. Identification is a process of checking for a particular identity in the database available. The setting of the error tolerance of these systems is critical to their performance. Both errors (False Rejection and False Acceptance).
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