SecureTek Security Design

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SecureTek Security Design Security architecture is a major component and part of a system’s architecture and is usually designed to provide important guidance during the development of the system. It usually outlines the assurance level required and in the process outlines the possible impacts that this level of security might have on the development process of the actual system. Since security is a major component for the success of any given business unit, it is necessary to have a fully functional and operative security system that meets all the necessary requirements for any organization. Some leading business firms are usually faced with the task of achieving and maintaining high security measures and methods. SecureTek one of the…show more content…
Key CCTV camera Area restricted from public From above design, there is sufficient placement of CCTV cameras such that every area is covered and thus it will be easy to trace anything unusual that might happen. In addition, use of security doors that require security card authentication in the restricted areas is a strong security measure. Limiting physical access to the areas that store important information is major security measure. Placing physical limit to the servers, routers, server rooms, data centers and other electrical wiring closets can help prevent tampering, misuse and even theft. Servers and network securities are moot points if any unauthorized individual is able to access these areas and engage in malicious actions. In the SecureTek security design, limiting physical access to the data centre, CEO’s office, the IT lab, and the other two labs is important to ensure security. This protection can be archived by operational access control and authentication mechanisms that can be provided in the firm’s network operating system. It is also advisable to have regular checkups to identify areas that may be routes to insecurity. Since money is not a problem for the SecureTek Company and the resources to conduct the research are available, proper security measures ought to be identified and implemented especially the secure software. It is clear that

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