Securing A Software System Is An Invaluable Standard Essay

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Software Security Engineering Nicholas Kyte
2 Securing a software system is an invaluable standard
29 focus on the business need and cost reduction, but still
1 I. INTRODUCTION 27 focus on the business need to complete the project in a 28 more cost efficient way. Complex software designs often
3 when it comes to software design, and is often taken for
30 need a certain level of security to avoid possible tragedy.
4 granted when designing software. Software systems are
31 Software designers should consider security in complex
5 becoming more complex, which in turn makes software
32 systems along with the tools to use when designing a
6 design and security more complex. Software design
33 system.
7 tools can help secure a system by preventing possible
34 Developing a software begins by defining the re-
8 attacks and covering the ground where attacks might land
35 quirements for the customer’s need and finding value
9 within the system. Software design tools used during the
36 for the business. In order to turn the requirements into a
10 software engineering process enhance the way software
37 workable product, there needs to be a way to intelligently
11 designers research, develop, and implement software.
38 analyze the requirements in order to bring it to life.
12 Design teams affect the entire software development
39 Software design tools help analyze the problem, develop
13 process and often revisit phases of the process using
40 a scope of the project, and determine how
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