Securing It Infrastructure At Wd Enterprises

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Securing IT Infrastructure at WD Enterprises In order to properly secure the Information Technology (IT) infrastructure today, there are many different areas that need to be addressed. Each of these areas pose different vulnerabilities and challenges to properly securing an IT environment. By identifying these vulnerabilities, applying controls to address them, and designing a robust security plan the IT infrastructure at WD Enterprises will be more secure and provide better protection against these threats. This plan along with design and application of a code of ethics related to the IT profession, will ensure the staff is held accountable to the standards and objectives of the organization. To accomplish these goals, a review of the organization’s vulnerabilities will be performed followed by suggestions and discussions of the security models that can be used to overcome these risks. Following that, a security plan will be designed along with a code of ethics. These will become the blueprint for securing the IT infrastructure at WD Enterprises. WD Enterprises Infrastructure Securing an IT environment properly can be broken down into three basic questions. The first question to address is what assets within the organization need protection? After these assets have been identified, it is important to ask in what are they threatened? Finally, the question of what needs to be done to counteract these threats (Stallings & Brown, 2012)? By answering these questions, it is

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