Securing Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

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SECURING MOBILE AD HOC NETWORKS Abstract: Wireless sensor networks is growing rapidly from the past few decades. Due to its scalability, wireless sensor networks is used in many applications. Among various wireless networks, Mobile Ad hoc networks has been one of the unique network. Unlike other network architectures, MANETs have no central architecture; every node is free to work both as a transmitter and receiver. Every single node can communicate freely with every other node which is in their communication range. Otherwise, it depends on neighboring nodes to relay messages. Due to this nature, MANETs are used in many missionary applications like military use and emergency recovery. However the wide distribution of MANETs makes it…show more content…
This can be any medium such as cellular or satellite transmission. MANETs can work both as a host and a router. Since, there is no central infrastructure and nodes are free to move, the neighboring nodes help in data transmission that are not in the communication range. This can be achieved by dividing the MANETs into two types of networks i.e. single hop network and multihop network. In a single hop wireless network all the nodes communicate directly with every other node. In multi hop network, the neighboring nodes help in transmitting the data that are not its communication range, which is an added advantage to MANETs. Due to this wide distribution of MANETs makes it vulnerable o malicious attacks. For example, due to lack of protection, attackers can easily induce malicious nodes in the network. In particular, nodes in MANETs assumes every other node to be ignorant and behaves cooperatively with other nodes. This makes attackers to easily compromise other nodes to achieve attacks. Furthermore, because of decentralized architecture of MANETs, a centralized detecting technique is no longer appropriate. Hence it is necessary to implement a detection system especially for MANETs. Existing System As discussed, the nodes in MANETs assume every other node to cooperatively transmit the messages; the attackers can easily induce malicious nodes into the network. Hence a secure system has to be implemented to detect the attackers,
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