Securing and Protecting Information

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Securing and Protecting Information

Channon Goodrow

October 13, 2014

David Kell / Instructor

Authentication Process Today’s technology has so many advancements so on a regular basis when it comes to authentication it is vital that any organization has a secure method that is set into place. This method should protect a system against various security threats, these threats would consist of individuals impersonating users and password hackers. Also if data and
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They have to understand the connection between the two and the best way to do that is to study the roles and responsibilities. Conventional SDLC’s is also known as linear model and it pre determines if the system will be near the top of the life cycle. Other techniques consist of prototyping, this would be taking a model that is used for development and understanding of the current system needs all the while not really developing the final operation. The policies that are addressed in the information system security threats can be harmful to any company. Unfortunately there is really no real full proof way to stop threats that jeopardize the network and computers all over. Proper framework and foundation is the key when choosing and incorporating countermeasures, all of this is very important. A policy must be written to make sure that everyone in the company / organization has a clear understanding and acts accordingly when it comes to the sensitive data and make sure the software is kept safe securely. Upon developing the security policy, it should be broken down and all the items on it should be clear enough for everyone to understand, that way there is no confusion.

Any data system with a security policy will most likely have an array of countermeasures that have a range of threats. An organizations guideline, policies and coaching material that is virtually nonexistent and not really pressed upon
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