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To suggest that Isabella was successful from the outset in securing the Castilian crown and the support of its people would be a foolish interpretation. It took ten years before she was fully accepted as rightful ruler, during which time a number of important factors developed that today can be seen as the clearest reasons for her success. Paramount among these was her determined, intellectual and shrewd personality and character. Without these traits, the other factors would have been irrelevant. In October 1469, Isabella was married to Ferdinand of Aragon. What is interesting here is the terms of the treaty drawn up after the ceremony that both of them signed. It claimed Isabella to be the rightful and true heir of Castile, that their…show more content…
In the early years of Ferdinand and Isabella's union, the advantages were firmly weighted in favour of Castile. This is no great surprise as, after all, there was no problem with a succession in Aragon. Influences that Ferdinand had over affairs concerning Castilian affairs most concerned the military. He and his troops played a vital role in putting down rebellions in towns and cities. Men were supplied (in line with the terms of the marriage contract) from Castile to help stave off and defeat the Portuguese as well as supporters of Joanna Enriquez, who was Isabella's main rival to the throne. Because Ferdinand played an important part in halting these problems, the union between Isabella and Ferdinand, and the acquiescence that Ferdinand and Aragon showed them, can be seen to be a significant contributor to Isabella's eventual victory in 1479. The fact that Ferdinand's presence was not too overbearing helped keep grandees happy. They were important members of society. Isabella needed their support and without it she would have struggled to retain popularity and secure her throne. Therefore, before even becoming Queen, it was imperative that she had them on her side, away from Joanna. Originally, only a few grandee families supported Isabella's cause. It was not until 1470, four years before Isabella became Queen, that opinion switched. An important reason for

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