Securing the Quality of Data

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2.3 Securing the quality of data
Adopting explicit evaluation criteria increases the transparency of the research and provides the researcher with the means to highlight the strengths and limitations of that particular research (Eriksson, P., & Kovalainen, A., 2008). According to Eriksson, P., & Kovalainen, A. (2008), one of the reasons that lead to a poor-quality research is when a qualitative research is assessed with the help of evaluation criteria adopted from quantitative research and vice-versa. Conducting a quantitative research requires gathering data from a large number of samples whereas in qualitative research, generally, data is collected from a relatively smaller number of participants and the focus is on understanding the participants social world in depth through probing, asking questions and case studies. When conducting a qualitative research, the question shouldn’t be “How many interviews do I need to do to get my theory accepted”? According to Eriksson, P., & Kovalainen, A. (2008), by asking this question, the logic of quantitative acceptability enters into qualitative research. As mentioned earlier, assessing a qualitative research with the evaluation criteria adopted from quantitative research leads to a poor quality research and vice-versa. Instead, when evaluating qualitative research as a good-quality research, the focus should be on the materials obtained from the interviews, quality of the interviews and the logic through which a researcher makes
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