Securitization Pros & Cons

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Executive Summary
The introduction of financial sector reforms in India has led to innovations in financial markets and instruments. One of the most prominent developments in the international finance in recent times that is likely to assume even greater importance in future is ‘securitisation’. Securitisation is the process of pooling and re-packaging of homogenous illiquid loans into marketable securities. Increased pressure on operating efficiency, on market niches, on competitive advantages, and on capital strength, all provide fuel for rapid changes. Securitisation is one of the solutions to these challenges. 2. Reserve Bank of India, as a facilitator, has attempted to explore the intricacies of securitisation as a process of
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v) SEBI may consider removal of prohibition on investment in mortgage backed securities by Mutual Fund Schemes. vi) Tax neutrality of Special Purpose Vehicle. Recommendations for tax reforms also include the spread of upfront income received by Originator over the tenure of the loan securitised, extension of benefits under Section 88 of Income Tax Act for repayment of housing loans after the loans have been securitised etc. 10. Other recommendations are summarised below: i) The most significant impact of securitisation arises from the placement of different risks and rights of an asset with the most efficient owner. The training institutes of the financial institutions should attempt to spread awareness of the benefits and scope of securitisation increasingly among financial community. ii) Spell out the risk weights and NPA norms on securitised paper. Insurance Companies and Provident Funds need to be encouraged to invest in the securitised paper. Besides, suitable regulatory framework may have to be evolved to encourage Foreign Institutional Investors. iii) Listing requirements for various securities to be issued may be stipulated which may include minimum issue size, eligible stock exchanges etc. iv) Include the securitised paper in demat trading. v) While identifying the key characteristics of special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to keep the structure “remote” from the bankruptcy of the Originator, the Group recommends flexibility in the
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