Security : A Critical Management Function

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Michael Derr CCJS 345 Intro to Security Management Project 2: Paper on Security Roles 11 September 2014 Security is a critical management function in most businesses. Where security strategies and operations were almost unheard of 35 years ago, there are now vice presidents of loss prevention and even chief security officers (CSOs) at most multi-national corporations who report directly to the chief executive officer (CEO) or the chief operating officer (COO). In most instances, the security position has become an integral part of management decisions similar to, for example, the vice presidents of operations, manufacturing, sales and distribution. (Fischer, Halibozek, & Walters, 2013) To paraphrase an adage attributed to Ben…show more content…
(Aronson, 2005) One of the primary objectives of security is to prevent the loss of product, money, and time. Periodic security assessments and penetration tests are strong control procedures which will help facilitate this objective. These tests can be performed either by in house personnel or third parties. The organization has an opportunity to address its vulnerabilities before they are exploited by unauthorized personnel. (Elson & LeClerc, Unk) Even with all the best security procedures in place, at some point an issue or threat will occur which will require some sort of investigation. As such, when a security threat occurs, security professionals often turn to members of their personal networks. As examples, a federal agent’s primary motive is to investigate a potential crime even if the investigation disrupts a company’s business, and a competitor firm’s primary profit motive may lead the firm’s security professional to use information about a security threat experienced by another firm to improve his or her own firm’s reputation at the expense of the competitor firm. (Majchrzak & Jarvenpaa, 2010) It would be extremely important for organization to established specific policy when it comes to investigations. Some options may include using local police, federal agents, or private investigators. Each specific issue or threat may determine how best to investigate. Additionally, it would serve organizations well to examine how
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