Security After 9/11 Essay

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Security Advancements since 9/11 Over the past 14 years we have grown as a nation, we have become stronger and more prepared since the dark day that was September 11th 2001. On that date was the most memorable and talked about events in modern day society. It’s a day that will go down in infamy and can never be absolved from our memories. The fact of the matter is that we were never truly prepared for something so heinous and evil, we never really expected anything like that could ever occur, were we ever wrong. We have been expecting the worst to happen ever since, security has been amped up and strengthened to make sure nothing like that can ever happen again. We as people never want to believe that things so horrid can happen to us. So not having the anticipation for something to happen like that is much expected. We didn’t have the amount of security and force that we have today. You walk into any airport now and you will see security precautions that you never imagined could have existed 14…show more content…
You are not allowed to bring any outside liquids that are above 3.4 ounces, and any special items must be pulled from luggage, such as laptops. There is no more non ticketed visitors allowed in the airline gates. Even the little things can make for a significant impact on the way we travel. Everyone just wants to feel safe and relaxed while traveling and that isn’t able to be done if you have to keep looking over your shoulder for possible danger. So since 9/11 we have seen a significant increase in intelligence budgets and military counter terrorism technologies. Ground forces now utilize new systems to cope with improvised explosive devices (IEDs), the detection of chemical, biological and nuclear materials and weapons of mass destruction. Ever since that day we have invested billions of dollars into safety security precautions into everyday airport
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