Security And Beyond Information Technology

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To I.T. Security & Beyond
Information technology has become a very dominant and ever growing industry in today’s market. People have taken notice of it, and thus have invested quite heavily into it. Everyone is going online nowadays, more than ever before, but this is not just limited to people. Financial/Educational institutions, and various companies are all online in one form or another; being interconnected to the internet of everything. A prominent aspect of information technology is security, and it has been attracting a lot of attention as of late. IT Security has garnered many companies and individuals to invest so much into it; that it has essentially created an industry of its own. However, can all of this investment in IT Security really be justified? Let it be known that the internet is not secure. It was originally created by the US military for communication purposes, and since then has grown into network upon networks of computers and computer systems, for everyone to use. With the exponential growth that the internet has taken on, it’s very hard to make it as secure as one would like. However, there are measures and protocols that are put in place to do just that, secure the internet. The internet is a combination of equipment, protocols and people, that when put together make everything just…work. It is a multi-layered system that depends on not just the technology itself, but those people who manage/operate it, and of course the investment it requires for
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