Security And Compliance Policy Document

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Security and Compliance Policy Document: Law and your IT Environment There are at least 36 states that have enacted legislation that requires sensitive and personal information to warn the individuals of a security breach. The states that are led the way in creation these kind of laws is California, And all the other state would expanded upon the requirements by the way that California has start to do with creation the laws. You also have federal legislation. They also have survey data that they have collected to identity theft. If there is a breach you have to be notification by law. The breach notification duties would in power them to have new access controls, they may also want to encryption everything that they have on their system. They would not want to have any open source or any clear text to where any one that want to get it could. You want to create safe place period for notification. A concerns that identity theft a data center has leaked personal information of over 265,000 California state employees the legislature in this country’s was the first state that level the security breach notification. This law was in affective in July 1, 2003 and it was call the security breach information act or senate bill 1386. After this data breach notification law was done In other states are doing the same kind of laws that would deal with the same data breaches. In this studies in which they show roughly between 200 to 250 breaches. Most of the majority of all incidents and
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