Security And Privacy : Cyber Espionage

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Every business runs on customer 's information, it is crucial to secure that information and to protect the customers privacy. It is always a better approach to protect them before it was stolen. It is more important to not to compromise to evil hands than any other disaster from natural devastating. It is crucial to protect the data as we cannot replace once it lost and secure our business. 2.0 HACKER 'S STRENGTH:
Every organization think that hackers do not attack them as there is not much useful information within their organization. Advances in technology is the another strength that makes the hackers job easy than earlier. Different methodologies like targeting less educational customers, social engineering, Network attacks etc, are their another strengths.
• who is Attacking?

 Cyber Espionage
 Industrial Espionage
 Malicious Insider
 Cyber Criminals
 Personal Attacks

• Where are they from?
Cyber Espionage are generally who targets on national and international spying to steal bank 's sensitive information, They could be someone intentionally hired by government or organizations.
Industrial Espionage were who target 's on competitive companies, They could be hired by organization.
Malicious Insider, these hackers could be some internal employee, third party contractors, who has access to data of the internal systems.
Cyber Criminals were professional individual hackers, or small groups who can take…

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