Security Aspects Of The Internet Of Things

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Introduction and Background -- T
Motivation and interest -- T
IoT details -- T - what it is -- T -arch
Security aspects in general for IoT -- T
Privacy issues
Specific cases for privacy - RFID - WSN - Cloud Based
Possible sol for privacy -Homomorphic -- T -In developments sols


Introduction and Background
We through this literature survey intend to explore the existing and possible vulnerabilities in the Internet of Things(IoT) systems – primarily focusing on the “privacy concerns” for the Internet of Things. Problem statement
Our goal is to analyze the network security problems of the Internet of Things and to find a possible solution for the problem. Background
The Wikipedia definition
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Project goals
We intend to explore Critical Network Security Issues for IoT in general, and then focus on the privacy concerns arising. We have surveyed multiple papers, articles and other publishings to achieve this goal.

Motivation and Interest
IoT encompasses different devices which connect to the internet and talk to each other. “By 2020, the Internet of Everything expected to connect 50 Billion”. IoT leads to a multitude of things(devices) sharing data over the internet, which would definitely contain a lot of private information. Thus, information security on the shared data is of utmost importance. Security and privacy related issues are bound to explode if not addressed succinctly.

With the growth of IoT - new security challenges arise - traditional challenges become more severe

Understanding and exploring the existing and possible vulnerabilities in IoT systems is critical at the current point of time.“People will use a technology if the perceived benefit is larger than the perceived risk.” My (Teja’s) areas of interest are Machine Learning and IoT. Yoonie, the other team member also wanted to participate in advancements happening in the field. So, we teamed up and releasing how vital security would be for successful penetration of IoT to the consumers, have decided to this literature survey.

IoT Details "Thing" - a physical or virtual
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