Security At The Umpqua Community College

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Johnathan Good
12 December, 2015
ENG 2100-08

With the recent shooting at the Umpqua Community College in Oregon, security on college campuses has become a major topic. Some campuses have increased their security while others have kept theirs the same. One of these campuses that has kept its security at the status quo is Ohio State University. This amount of security is what Wright State lacks. It is understandable that the size of the campus of Wright State is nowhere near that of Ohio State and that Wright State is near the Wright Patterson Air Force Base, but having only a couple campus police cruisers roaming around campus is not enough to prevent a shooting so there needs to be a greater police presence on campus.
Over the past decade, shootings have occurred in schools and college campuses across the United States. Now these shootings have occurred few and far between, but the events that took place in Umpqua Community College show that it can happen and can bring great turmoil throughout the United States. In fact, many shootings have taken place prior to that and include the shooting at Virginia Tech. These events have traumatized people and families and put fear into the hearts of many. In fact, Ana Boylan, one of the victims of the Umpqua shooting, had “Her sense of security shattered” according to her brother Korre (Tauber). Though this statement, this is no longer about stopping people from barging in and shooting others. It is about protecting families…
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