Security At The Umpqua Community College

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Johnathan Good
12 December, 2015
ENG 2100-08

With the recent shooting at the Umpqua Community College in Oregon, security on college campuses has become a major topic. Some campuses have increased their security while others have kept theirs the same. One of these campuses that has kept its security at the status quo is Ohio State University. This amount of security is what Wright State lacks. It is understandable that the size of the campus of Wright State is nowhere near that of Ohio State and that Wright State is near the Wright Patterson Air Force Base, but having only a couple campus police cruisers roaming around campus is not enough to prevent a shooting so there needs to be a greater police presence on campus.
Over the past
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The proposition that I have in mind for this is that Wright State needs to have at least fifteen officers on duty during campus hours. I know that this will not be perfect in preventing a shooting or an attack on campus so I am also proposing that there needs to be a rapid response unit that specializes in active shooter scenarios that is able to get to campus within twenty minutes as well as a keycard system that only allows people into certain buildings with authorized cards, in this case student IDs and visitor passes. First, a greater police presence will serve as a deterrent for people to avoid attacking the campus. Second, having a keycard system that works only with student IDs and visitor passes can act as a deterrent just by making it more difficult for a person to get into a building. Lastly, having a rapid response team will reduce the time that a gunman has to perform their criminal act thus reducing the number of lives lost.
Having a greater police presence in an area alone reduces the likelihood of a shooting to occur on campus. But they cannot just be patrolling the campus in their cruisers, there have to be some that roam around the campus on foot. With recent events that are stereotyping police officers as racists, it is understandable that this might not be one of the best decisions to make. Keep in mind though that a police officer’s
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