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Security auditing in any company involves establishing security levels in the company’s system. It comprises of vulnerability scans, reviewing applications and systems controls, and analyzing physical access into the system. Auditing is carried out to ensure information integrity of a company’s data and reliability of data exchange process through networked environment. In most cases, security auditing is done to ensure security measures are in place to protect the company against loss of information to the outside world. This paper addresses all the issues involved in security auditing of Ariam travel agency’s network and its premises. Security Audit Ariam travel agency handles bulk information that contains sensitive customers and…show more content…
Therefore, we construct a topological representation of critical security models that we intend to implement within the organization. Among the tools are firewalls, proxy servers, encryption facilities, logical security and access controls, antivirus software and auditing systems. Infrastructural design As displayed on the above network diagram, Ariam Travel Agency comprises of six data centers with head data center located at Sydney. Since Sydney holds vital information, we shall opt to stock it with an extra security firewall. The firewall on each data center is placed before a switch connection. At the main data center, we structure the topology in a manner that is unique from all the other data centers. This is purposed for security reasons. The layout at this center is complex and many security measures will be put in place to ensure integrity. Data center personnel Each data center has a number of staff that has access to data. However, we limit the amount and type of data that various personnel can access. We implement use of key cards, secure login IDs, security tokens, cryptographic keys and biometrics to tighten security in data. Special user accounts have an addition security features and uses high-level facial recognition element. In addition, we seek to restructure passwords and codes, we while keep on updating the biometric data and cryptographic

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