Security Background And Threats Of Terrorism

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One. Security background and threats of terrorism
Since the beginning of a 21st century, an international security environment has been proved to be more volatile, unpredictable, complex and ambiguity with their challenging effects in various ways. Thus, those challenging situations take into particular considerations when combating terrorism throughout the national security strategy. The civil war, sectarian spillovers of crises, state catastrophe in central Africa and the Middle East will likely to be continued with growing scale and concern.
Most worrisome is the emergence in Iraq and Syria of the self-proclaimed Islamic State known as ISIS whose brutal violence, ability to capture and hold territory, significant financial resources, and impressive strategic acumen make it a threat like any other the United States has faced in the contemporary era. The Radical Islamic terrorism as "An act of terror and an act of hate” is well nested in Iraq and Syria will also likely to cause more instability and extreme violence in the region, and in entire world.
Moreover, the growing threats of terrorism with protracting instability in specific region cause 2nd and 3rd order of security effects not only in European continent but also cause the danger in U.S. soil. For instance, due to recent instability in Iraq and Syria, thousands of millions of refugees are moving from the Middle East to the neighboring countries and European continent for seeking safe heavens. Those large number…
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