Security Blanket Research Paper

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Similarly to younger children, I had a security blanket. While the security blanket ordinarily symbolizes another object cherished by children, my security blanket was literally two infant-sized blankets. From when I was born to about seven years old, I dragged around two blankets; they were discolored and rarely washed.

One afternoon, I was clutching my blankets while sitting in the middle of the family room. As I hugged my blankets, a brilliant idea came into my head. I had decided the blankets would catch the air and float well if thrown in the air. It was amusing until I held onto the pastel yellow blanket for slightly too long. The blanket hurled toward the mantel and then caught the air and started floating downward. My mother had a majestic angel on the mantel; it was given to her from my great-grandmother. The angel decided she wanted to fly. The blanket ended up serving as a broken parachute for her; they both catapulted to the ground and the angel shattered. Luckily my mother was at work, and my grandma was watching me. She just gave a stern look, but helped me clean up the remains of the angel. After cleaning up the mess, my grandma
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I finally emerged from the closet and sat next to her. I was able to mumble what I did. She did not fly off the handle. Instead, she scolded for a second and told me to be more careful; she was also concerned if I was cut from the angel’s glass. But then we hugged and she said I was worth more than her angel.

Even though my mother had every right to punish me, she showed mercy. She realized that I was just a child and it was an accident. My mother showed love and forgiveness instead of holding a grudge for something I did not intend. Early in life, this allowed me to learn that accidents happen. Showing them love and forgiveness is a greater alternative than punishing the individual for something they did not do on
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