Essay On Security Breach At Tjx

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95-722 Digital Transformation
Case Study Analysis: Security Breach at TJX

Submitted By: Team 7
Mary Ann Jacob
Pallavi Thakur
Prasoon Paliwal

TO : Owen Richel, Chief Security Officer, TJX
FROM : Mary Ann Jacob, Pallavi Thakur, Prasoon Paliwal
SUBJECT : Recommendation for strengthening IT post security breach at TJX
DATE : April 2, 2017
Problem Statement
IT systems played a crucial role in equipping TJX to be the market leader in North America in the off-price segment for apparel and home fashions retailer. It was significant in enabling TJX to achieve operational efficiency, price competitively and effective customer targeting. Between 2006 to 2007, TJX faced heat due to a major security
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The purpose of this recommendation is to improve the compliance of TJX to Auditing and Payment Card Industry standards (PCI). Each team should be responsible for tracking one standard and should comprise of people from different departments. This will help in spreading awareness about the compliance amongst different teams and these members can educate the employees in their respective departments. These teams can assist the auditor during the audit process and make sure that the key aspects are monitored and checked during the audit. This will also help the management and employees realize that security is not the just the IT component but a critical business component of their organization. Please refer Appendix B for chart for team formation and…show more content…
Share information securely
2. Be a part of team to monitor and help in IT Security Programs
Auditor 1. Ensure that the system is complaint to the standards
Retail Store Personnel 1. Making sure systems are not getting mishandled
IT Department 1. Make sure that systems are secured, software’s are updated, and data is transmitted in a secure way
2. Educate the employees about IT security threats
3. Ensure technical adherence to standards
Higher Management 1. Ensure that the security is
2. Allocate sufficient budget for IT security
3. Make IT security as a key ascpect of the organization
Owen Richel 1. Ensure proper standards and measures are followed
2. Mentor and supervise team
3. Make sure that only relevant information is stored in databases
4. Monitor KPI to track the processes

References For Team and Process
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