Security Brokers, Inc.

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Security Policy 1. Overview Security Brokers, Inc. is a brokerage firm dedicated solely to the trading of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other money market products geared towards serving our customers needs. Security Brokers, Inc. has committed to not only providing the best of financial services to our customers but also providing our customers the security to protect our company assets required to gain and retain trust in our ability to do business in the financial industry. This document will serve as a guideline on how the Security Brokers, Inc. server and workstation hardware and operating systems will be hardened, secured and maintained. All employees, contractors, consultants, temporary and other workers at Security Brokers,…show more content…
utilizes Dell as the sole manufacturer for providing equipment for servers and user workstations. Server hardware utilized includes the Dell R series server hardware platforms including a mixture of R210, 410, and 710 chassis’. User workstations are provided by Dell as well and include the Optiplex series towers for non-mobile users and the latitude 820 for mobile and remote users. Remote and mobile user laptops are encrypted and require an RSA USB encryption token to unencrypted the mobile workstation upon boot. Remote and mobile users choosing to gain remote access into the Security Brokers, Inc. network using their company issued laptop must use their RSA token to gain VPN access into the company network. Remote user wishing to utilize a company issued Optiplex series tower will be issued an RSA token to use to gain VPN access to the company network. Security Brokers, Inc. utilizes the Checkpoint Mobile VPN access client to provide secure VPN communication between the remote user and the company network. Security Brokers, Inc. utilizes Microsoft operating systems and other Microsoft Windows based products to ensure 100% compatibility with our customers and other partner’s ability to access our company resources. Utilizing a sole baseline for software also allows Security Brokers, Inc. the ease of maintaining the server and workstation software, applying patches and updates to ensure the highest level of security and
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