Security Camera Technology Is Good Or Bad

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This paper will address security camera technology. In it will be an analysis of the technology through a quick synopsis of its development over the past century and in arguments both for and against the use of it. At the end will be a conclusion on whether the use of security camera technology is good or bad. Modern electronic video surveillance has its roots in film photography. A person by the name of Mr.Norbury from the English town of Nottingham made a little known invention to find out who was stealing from him. He invented a contraption using a box camera and a trip wire that would automatically take a picture of whoever opened the door to his chicken coop. The invention was akin to a modern day camera trap. This story appeared in the Nottingham Evening Post in August 4th 1933. As it is such an early date it could very well be the earliest form of a security camera ever made. The photograph that the camera took was reported to have been used against the person who was stealing, so it was effective. Progressing ahead several decades the first digital camera was produced by Eastman Kodak in 19751. The effects of digitizing light rather than making an analog negative of it was revolutionary. Whereas a picture architype in an analog format would degrade over time, and from simply copying it, a digital version would not be unpreventably corrupted over time. Digital pictures could then be stored on, displayed with, and distributed to any computer. Thus the photograph

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