Security Command Personal Statement Examples

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Possess significant and extensive experience in leading a full spectrum CIO office to include such disciplines as: information security, systems administration, developing internal and external web pages, software development, network services, storage services and IT work support for investigations and audits. This experienced is evidenced via assignment with the Army Materiel Command (2001 to 2010) (AMC) as Director of Enterprise Operations, Strategic Planning and Chief Technical Advisor and more recent in the position as the Chief Information Security Officer. My assignments at the US Patent and Trademark Office (2012 to 2015) allowed an even greater leadership experience in providing IT services. These services including computer…show more content…
USPTO CIO is a software development office and all functions are centered on the development of next generation development and the replacement of legacy systems. As such my staff which was responsible for Quality Assurance, System Configuration and Delivery Automation. My leadership efforts directly resulted in improving the delivery of products and leading a cultural and technological transformation into a high performing DevOps service provider by leading the quality assurance executive team through the development and integration of the CIO’s new Mission, Vision, and Values into the OCIO culture and developed actionable processes for employee engagement to develop the future strategy to achieve the results that exceed the agency's growing demand. Improved DevOps continual feedback to deliver faster quality outcomes for the customer in one year by doubling the"% of Automated Test Cases" with triple the test case workload (36% to 80%), dramatically Increasing of"# of Software Builds Per Day" (5 to 3,000+), and increasing the 8x - lOx faster "Time to Build Software" by lOx (3 hours to 15 minutes) which has provided the feedback necessary to double the"# of Releases per year per system" (2 /yr to 4-12 /yr) Concurrently led the OCIO IT strategic and operational IT planning that is integrated with processes for the selection, control, and evaluation of IT investments and provides the foundation
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