Security Dilemma And Security Problems

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Security Dilemma is a term referring to the process of situation that occur when a state or coalitions make actions to increase its security such as strengthening their military, which causes or leads other states and alliances to respond with similar actions that overall increases conflict and tensions. Often, security dilemma is introduced as either a cause or a factor that facilitates war in concrete situations. Security dilemma has been developed both mathematically and qualitatively to deal with problem instability amongst nations of states and anarchy. The means of security, refers to at a minimum, the deterrence of defeat. The means of security are like the means of exchange or the means of production, as they are typically military force and force projection capability, but can also be economic assets like oil emerges, territory and population. The issue is how these different components interact in a situation where one can assume every state wants to maximize its security if nothing else and what the incentives may be that lie behind these issues. The incentives can range from purely defensive to an offensive capacity to expand. This works best in a balance of power, an unstable balance of power creates rising and declining power, when a power balance tends to destabilize, rising and declining powers take steps to guarantee or maximize security. The process of unstable balance of power or rising and declining of power cause an endless cycle of issues and conflict.
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