Security Enforcement And Intelligence Agencies Essay

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Ever since the events of September 11, 2001, when terrorists used commercial airliners to attack the homeland and kill nearly 3,000 people, Americans have been faced with a conundrum. How does a nation of free people balance an individual’s right to privacy with the transparency necessary to secure the safety of the citizenry? Typically this debate has been waged regarding things such as full-body security scanners, National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance programs, and increased investigation powers granted to local police. However, recently the debate has struck far closer to home; into the purses and back pockets of nearly every American. Consumers are demanding that manufacturers and software developers do everything possible to provide the best communication security possible. This has led to an explosion of encrypted communication methods and secure devices which in turn poses an issue for law enforcement and intelligence agencies. How does the nation reconcile these two needs; on one hand, Americans expect their communications to be completely private, while the government requires a means to review the communications of criminal and terrorist suspects for investigations. Do technology developers have an obligation to build in backdoors for government exploitation or provide decryption keys to law enforcement? Does the government have the right to hack those security measures if companies don’t comply with requests for assistance? How will these two differing
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