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Michael Salmon postulates “industrial relations encompass a set of phenomena, operating both within and outside the workplace, concerned with determining and regulating the employment relationship”. J.T. Dunlop states “Industrial relations are the complex interrelations among managers, workers and agencies of the government”
Industrial Relation can arguably be viewed as the “Cinderella” branch or aspect of management, which overtime has emerged with its own high degree of importance. Many reasons surround the emergence of industrial relations as a subject matter and operational activity, both at the organizational level and academic level. Such as, the cost associated with disruptions and dislocations in production processes and
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It is the ability to influence events, to get the other party to make a concession etc. Power can be personal power. Personal power most often comes from internal sources, such as person’s special knowledge or personal characteristics. Personal power is the primary tool of the leader. Power can also be legitimate or official power. This power comes from a formal management position in an organization. Authority is the legitimate use of power, in the absence of it there will be chaos and disorder in any institution. It can also be viewed as the right given to a manager to achieve the objective of the organization. A manager can’t do his work without authority. Authority is often legitimized by socialization. We were brought up to accept the orders of those appointed to govern us. To understand negotiations and the relationships (or common ground) that emanate, the study of power and its effect must first be fully understood. In our previous case, the cashier can use the power of her union to meet with her ex-employers with regards to her unfair and unjust dismissal. The power of a union revolves around collective bargaining over wages, benefits, working conditions, and also representing their members in disputes with management over violations of contract provisions, like our cashier. In other related or inter-related sources of power, we have reward power- which is having control/influence over the achievement of some goal/benefit which is desired by another, for
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