Security For Liberty : Freedom Of Life, Liberty And Pursuit Of Happiness

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Security for Liberty
For the sake of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, American citizens crumple up their own desires and follow laws such as the speed limit and paying taxes. These laws are given by the government, created by citizens to protect all residences. After all, one would give up a few priorities for the name of common good too, right? But there is a borderline between what an individual should and shouldn’t give up. For example, privacy rights. In most cases, people would claim that they have nothing to hide, but the definition of privacy is not covering the atrocious. Privacy is a fundamental value of human right; it is our defense and space permitted to us of being ourselves. The right to privacy is to forestall the invasion of privacy by other people and the government to have absolute regulation over people’s lives.
In times of national crisis, men and women position their lives in danger to defend this country. To prevent jeopardy such as terrorism, many would argue that giving up minor privacy rights is a diminutive valuation. But think twice. The element of privacy is practically chipping away and the privacy of violation is closing in. Without privacy, no individual would possess an authentic character. In Peter Singer’s essay, “Invisible Man: Ethics in a World Without Secrets,” he advocated that the feeling of being watch propels someone to become more amiable and honest. How an individual behaves themselves depends on the weight of social
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