Security Guards And The Security Field

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There are many different types of security guards, those who are armed compared to those who are not, those who patrol and those who sit behind a desk watching visitors entering and exiting a building. There are many different types of sites that require different types of security coverage; but the task remains the same across the board; to patrol, or monitor on CCTV (closed circuit television) in order to fight crime and terrorism. (Slideshare, 2012)
Security guards are a necessity to have in today’s world, with the security force around; working with the police at times it has expanded the areas where there may be a shortage of officers for coverage. (Sapse, 2013)
With security there are many different kinds of tasks that are involved depending on where you work. Report writing is a must in the security field this is where daily activities or any problems are written down; things like fires, property damage, theft, explosions, or even espionage. To either monitor the CCTV or go on foot patrols, integrating with the people inside the facility while checking for anything out of the ordinary; like fires, bombs, or floods. To monitor anyone entering or exiting the property and guarding against any theft while maintaining a level of security that meets the client’s expectations. To know when to call the police, fire or rescue if an emergency arises. (O*NET n.d.)
There are different types of tools that are used in the security field in order to properly do our job; flashlights,
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