Security In Madagascar

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Madagascar is a country plagued by food insecurity. This means they are without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable nutritious food. This problem is most apparent in their agricultural population. In order to improve food security their needs to be changes made to provide a sufficient food supply and reduce poverty in this growing population. Their society depends on producing the most food and or profit from their limited amount of land that is arable. One way to help this dilemma they face is with, Improved planting methods and usage of nonfood biomass or their exported products to produce biofuel. This in turn could be used to increase the total amount of food available. This can also provide food security to the agricultural sector where extreme poverty is most apparent.…show more content…
These organizations could provide teaching about efficient farming and making more productive crops available, which in turn would increase yield. Also they could help to build infrastructure like factories that could produce biofuels from sugarcane which could allow a greater profit to be rendered by the land. Infrastructure for irrigation could be greatly improved. When their irrigation infrastructure was damaged it led to the loss of other crops. One example of this is the production loss of 110000 tonnes of milled rice. Rice is the main crop on the island, and the other crops most commonly grown are sugarcane, vanilla, and coffee. Rice makes up 45% of the agricultural output and is usually a domestic product, because it is consumed usually on the island. Whereas sugarcane, vanilla, and coffee are mostly exported to their trade partners. These trade partners include the United States, France, China, and Iran. By improving the areas I listed above, production for these Items could increase which in turn would increase trade with these
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