Security Incidents And Security Violations

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In 2013, 50 major global organizations reported that 63,437 security incidents and 1,367 confirmed security breaches had significantly impacted their business. [cite] Even more staggering, over 100 million Americans—that 's 1 out of 3 citizens—had their credit or debit card information pilfered by hackers over the course of 4 data breaches between 2013 and 2014 [cite], with confirmed evidence that breaches of this type are increasing. These statistics show that there are serious problems now existing in the realm of information security and the internet. However, it is undeniable that society today is largely dependent upon the technology that handles our information along with many facets of society such as social media that would leave us completely non-functional without technology. Consequently, there is an ongoing debate about the issues of information security and how to solve them. Some people believe it is the simple matter of installing security programs on their devices, or using a network that its proponents have labeled it as 'ultra-secure ' to solve the problem. On the other hand, others believe that these are information security issues that, given technology today and in the future, will never have a permanent solution. The American military has legitimate reasons for secure communications across the Internet, especially in the current age of technology. Field personnel and agents in deep cover require the ability to use
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