Security Is A Process Not Product

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Venkata Bhanu Pradeep Devabhaktuni Z1747788 Assignment 1 Dr. Wang “Security is a process not product”. Security is a continuous process to ensure information, people and network have necessary protection for reliable and secure day to day operations. The Information Technology(I.T) and telecommunications firms need complete and low cost security solutions. It is required and essential to protect a secured network from dangerous and deliberate threats. Security should have the qualities that enhance the interweaving of capabilities of security in complete end to end solution for security. A standard security architecture is required for such a solution. X.800 for Security Architecture: The principles which defines a security structure for…show more content…
The motive of the security architecture will be to act as a foundation clear development recommendations for network security. A set of security measures developed to answer a particular aspect of network security is Security Dimension. To protect against crucial threats, eight sets were identified by X.805. They are as below: a. Access Control – The main purpose of access control security dimension is to provide protection against unauthorized use of networks. The access control elements restricts unauthorized users from using applications, services, network elements, stored information and information flows. There is a concept called Role Based Access Control, which provides different levels of access like users of particular type can be restricted to certain elements. b. Authentication – This dimension provides confirmation for valid identities. It checks the validity of the identity. c. Non-repudiation – If a user try to change or duplicate data, this dimension provide proof about the action. It sees that no user denies his/her action of data altering by providing proof. d. Data Confidentiality – Encryption is the best example for this. Any unauthorized user, though gets access to data, the user does not understand the data as it encrypted by the Data Confidentiality security dimension. e. Communication Security – This dimension provides the feature for flow of data. It
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