Security Issues of the Electronic Ehr and Issues with Converting to an Ehr

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Security Issues of the Electronic EHR and

Issues with Converting to an EHR

Gary Driscoll


UNIT 9 Assignment

Kaplan University

19 October 2011

The digital age is replacing the standard practices at a record breaking pace. With that increase, the need to digitize new medical records and convert existing records is becoming an issue at the top of most organizations “To Do List”. It is important for the organization to realize that both storage practices have the same risks: inappropriate access, record tampering, storage costs, and accessibility. In addition to that, the paper medical record needs to realize and identify the risks of chart legibility, while the
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One of the many bonuses of the EHR is the ability to see who accesses a patient chart to ensure the patient’s privacy is protected and secure. In addition, to the patient safety/security, the EHR monitoring and auditing helps the organization avoid federal fines for non-HITECH compliance1.

Both forms of record storage can be and are being affected by storage space. The paper medical records need to have physical space to store patient records for a set period of time and then archive storage for the rest of the older records. EHR storage is a different concern; it requires server storage that can be increased and monitored. In addition to the storage, it needs to be setup with built-in contingency resolutions. For example, the storage drives can be setup to write the data to multiple drives to ensure corrupted drives do not affect the patient’s records. Another way to protect the data is daily backups of the data drives. This will also ensure the data can be recovered in the event of hardware failure.

Record tampering, record loss, and legibility can all be affected by the paper medical record, while the EHR has resolved these risk issues. Paper records can be manipulated or lost due to theft, fire, and/or flood. In addition to those risks, even if the record is safe, there is no guarantee that the record is legible, this can leave an organization at great risk in the event of a lawsuit or if a patient needs copies
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